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US-6000371-A: Accelerating pump for watercraft engine patent, US-6056996-A: Magnetoresistance effect type head and separate recording-reproducing type magnetic head patent, US-3907567-A: Waxy crayon or ink-like diazotype developer composition comprising heat transferrable azo coupler and transfer promotor patent, US-3972937-A: Diphenylamines for dyeing keratinous fibers patent, US-4010489-A: High power semiconductor device cooling apparatus and method patent, US-4485172-A: Multistage process for the preparation of fats and oils patent, US-4927574-A: Water bath film cooling apparatus and method patent, US-4991876-A: Connector assembly for hot water heaters and other appliances patent, US-5472933-A: Herbicidal pyrrolesulfonylureas patent, US-6042341-A: Suction nozzle operated with compressed air patent, US-6071415-A: Water purification system and removal of halides patent, US-3790332-A: Liquid candles patent, US-4198325-A: Shaped article comprising a permanently plasticized cellulose composition and preparation thereof patent, US-4233123-A: Method for making an air cooled combustor patent, US-4645742-A: Materials for determining fructosamine levels in blood samples patent, US-4681732-A: Method of and device for the reduction of reactivity of a nuclear reactor core patent, US-5022527-A: Book container patent, US-5249711-A: Disposable dispensing pipette patent, US-5426975-A: Method and apparatus for determining the total flow rate in a ventilation installation patent, US-5879226-A: Method for conditioning a polishing pad used in chemical-mechanical planarization of semiconductor wafers patent, US-5904939-A: Extruder for extrusion manufacturing patent, US-6129237-A: Structure for opening/closing a case cover patent, US-6665734-B1: Blending object-oriented objects with traditional programming languages patent, US-4138318-A: Nuclear reactor system of the fast type patent, US-4472672-A: High power factor switching-type battery charger patent, US-5598910-A: Clutch mechanism patent, US-5914569-A: Switching controller and control device for a low pressure fluorescent lamp patent, US-6399447-B1: Method of producing dynamic random access memory (DRAM) cell with folded bitline vertical transistor patent, US-5360900-A: Aromatic polyester polyol patent, US-6165789-A: Antisense modulation of hnRNP A1 expression patent, US-4108731-A: Coke production patent, US-4333841-A: Dithiophosphate lubricant additives patent, US-4973027-A: Jack patent, US-6181614-B1: Dynamic repair of redundant memory array patent, US-6379555-B1: Wastewater treatment process using an admixed paste of activated carbon and magnesium hydroxide patent, US-6702561-B2: Devices for potting a filter for blood processing patent, US-4233028-A: Process for the level dyeing of polyacrylonitrile materials of slow, normal and rapid absorptive capacity patent, US-4626002-A: Self-acting seal between adjacent pipe ends of a pressure vessel patent, US-5057131-A: Vacuum cleaner filter bag assembly patent, US-5484522-A: Automatic oil spill containment system with thermal dispersion control patent, WO-2010101516-A1: Slot-milling tool and slot-milling insert for a slot-milling tool patent, US-5843983-A: Diphenylethane compounds containing a saturated heterocyclic group, their preparation, and their therapeutic use patent, US-5631093-A: Magnetically coded device patent, US-6365764-B1: Bridged bis-fluorenyl metallocenes process for the preparation thereof and use thereof in catalysts for the polymerization of olefins patent, US-6735825-B1: Secured pen and holder patent, US-4693838-A: Multifunctional viscosity index improver patent, US-5468479-A: Compositions containing lactic acid bacterium Streptococcus salivarius patent, US-5545347-A: Low phosphorous, low etch cleaner and method patent, US-6408435-B1: Internet downloaded programmable remote control patent, US-4387452-A: Optical device for the recording and reading of data media and optical memory system incorporating such a device patent, US-5034480-A: Avoidance of colored impurities in the preparation of ultrahigh molecular weight ethylene polymers by means of titanium-containing catalyst system patent, US-5554997-A: Graphite composite structures exhibiting electrical conductivity patent, US-6507946-B2: Process and system for Java virtual method invocation patent, US-4348360-A: Catalytic converter for ozone removal in aircraft patent, US-5134064-A: Method for the determination of microbe concentrations by means of a plating method patent, US-5305412-A: Semiconductor diode optical switching arrays utilizing low-loss, passive waveguides patent, US-5639818-A: Peroxide modified PP/PE blends with superior melt strength patent, US-5956729-A: Multimedia file, supporting multiple instances of media types, and method for forming same patent, US-5230451-A: Harness for neck-worn articles patent, US-6090592-A: Method for performing amplification of nucleic acid on supports patent, US-6450900-B2: Marked golf ball and method for marking a golf ball patent, US-5508064-A: Method for matting a recording material and atomizing device therefor patent, US-5694723-A: Apparatus and method for water drainage and radon removal patent, US-6148297-A: Health care information and data tracking system and method patent, US-6504756-B2: Dual floating gate programmable read only memory cell structure and method for its fabrication and operation patent, US-5614237-A: Apparatus and method for making lattice baked food products patent, US-6589508-B1: Methods and compositions for treating pulmonary disorders using optically pure (R,R) formoterol patent, US-6278421-B1: Method and apparatus for controlling power consumption of display unit, display system equipped with the same, and storage medium with program stored therein for implementing the same patent, US-6271606-B1: Driving motors attached to a stage that are magnetically coupled through a chamber patent, US-6308562-B1: Technique for signal detection using adaptive filtering in mud pulse telemetry patent, US-6617288-B1: Aqueous compositions containing thiophosphorus esters or their salts with a oxyalkylene group, and methods of using the same patent, US-6013696-A: Friction member and method for manufacture thereof patent, US-5663153-A: Immune stimulation by phosphorothioate oligonucleotide analogs patent, US-6134606-A: System/method for controlling parameters in hand-held digital camera with selectable parameter scripts, and with command for retrieving camera capabilities and associated permissible parameter values patent, US-6430774-B1: Crimped bushing patent, US-5053330-A: Method for producing the mwoi restriction endonuclease and methylase patent, US-6011155-A: N-(substituted glycyl)-2-cyanopyrrolidines, pharmaceutical compositions containing them and their use in inhibiting dipeptidyl peptidase-IV patent, US-5768163-A: Versatile attachment of handheld devices to a host computing system patent, US-6037297-A: Catalyst complexes and polymers therefrom patent, US-6352502-B1: Methods for obtaining enhanced spectroscopic information from living tissue, noninvasive assessment of skin condition and detection of skin abnormalities patent, US-6379867-B1: Moving exposure system and method for maskless lithography system patent, US-5474111-A: Fine particle handling patent, US-4549269-A: Methods and apparatus for making prevailing torque nuts patent, US-5741758-A: Method for controlling gas hydrates in fluid mixtures patent, US-5858269-A: Liquid crystal device and liquid crystal apparatus patent, US-6545297-B1: High density vertical SRAM cell using bipolar latchup induced by gated diode breakdown patent, US-5558842-A: Devices for making reaction products by controlling pre-coalescing temperature and transient temperature difference in an atomized liquid patent, US-6638941-B1: Conformationallly constrained peptidomimetics as β-turn templates and modulators of SH3 domains patent, US-6410355-B1: Semiconductor package using terminals formed on a conductive layer of a circuit board patent, US-4749505-A: Olefin polymer viscosity index improver additive useful in oil compositions patent, US-6398847-B1: Method of removing contaminants from an aerosol using a new electret article patent, US-6193972-B1: Hybrid heterodimeric protein hormone patent, US-6547857-B2: Filter element, air cleaner, and methods patent, US-5344519-A: Apparatus for applying labels onto small cylindrical articles having improved vacuum and air pressure porting for label transport drum patent, US-6399368-B1: Secretion of T cell receptor fragments from recombinant Escherichia coli cells patent, US-5741815-A: Methods for in vivo reduction of nitric oxide levels and compositions useful therefor patent, US-6489539-B1: Method for altering carbohydrate metabolite levels in stored potato tubers patent, US-3806391-A: Method of insulating patent, US-5677093-A: Size modulated stochastic screening patent, US-3952111-A: Meat extender and process of making the 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