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JP-2009078091-A: Rf exposure protective method and its protective implement in undergoing examination by mri examination method patent, JP-2009078154-A: Bipolar forceps having monopolar extension part patent, JP-2009110487-A: 加工装置の不良発生未然防止システム patent, JP-2009129412-A: Settlement method, settlement program, and settlement device patent, JP-2009138254-A: 電気化学的酸素発生素子 patent, JP-2009140033-A: Automatic teller machine, automatic transaction system, information processor and identification method for automatic teller machine patent, JP-2009160533-A: 電解水生成装置 patent, JP-2001176809-A: Semiconductor device and semiconductor substrate, and their manufacturing method patent, JP-2002240701-A: Fluid-pressure brake device for vehicle patent, JP-2002281107-A: Optical transmission system, optical transmission network managing apparatus, optical transmission apparatus and optical transmission section providing service patent, JP-2003060410-A: 非可逆回路素子及び通信装置 patent, JP-2004165654-A: 発光素子及びその製造方法 patent, JP-2004176890-A: 無限変速機 patent, JP-2004203403-A: 充填器 patent, JP-2005192608-A: 遊技システム patent, JP-2006031767-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-2006045186-A: ラメラ構造再生剤及び皮膚外用剤 patent, JP-2006053220-A: Member having antireflection part, molding die for the member and method of manufacturing the die patent, JP-2006114141-A: 半導体メモリ patent, JP-2006137560-A: Elevator user guidance system patent, JP-2006137998-A: Laser-impact hardening treatment method and apparatus patent, JP-2006237152-A: Wavelength variable semiconductor laser patent, JP-2006252948-A: Humidity adjusting film patent, JP-2006279528-A: 歪み補償器 patent, JP-2006295892-A: Data analyzer patent, JP-2006305323-A: Contrast medium injection management apparatus, image diagnostic apparatus, and contrast medium injection apparatus patent, JP-2006310854-A: 可変容量電気機械的マイクロキャパシタおよびそのようなマイクロキャパシタの製造方法 patent, JP-2006336753-A: センサ付転がり軸受ユニット patent, JP-2006338840-A: Optical pickup device and optical disk drive system patent, JP-2006343082-A: Bullet stopping device and shooting practice range patent, JP-2006343187-A: V-shaped curtain device for shielding x rays of x-ray foreign matter inspection device patent, JP-2007011016-A: 光走査装置および画像形成装置 patent, JP-2007023861-A: 排気ガス浄化装置 patent, JP-2007053831-A: 駆動装置 patent, JP-2007056291-A: 化成処理における化成処理液成分の回収方法 patent, JP-2007100670-A: 密閉型圧縮機 patent, JP-2007102095-A: プロジェクタ及びデジタルカメラ patent, JP-2007223898-A: Apparatus for manufacturing glass gob, method for controlling the apparatus, glass gob, glass-molded article and method for manufacturing optical device patent, JP-2007274910-A: 微生物固体培養用培地 patent, JP-2007282014-A: Method of generating image data patent, JP-2007286700-A: 情報処理装置及びプログラム patent, JP-2007524854-A: 加速度計 patent, JP-2008016794-A: プリント配線板の製造方法 patent, JP-2008020761-A: Image forming method and image forming apparatus patent, JP-2008028389-A: インスペクション方法およびインスペクション装置、リソグラフィ装置、リソグラフィ処理セルならびにデバイス製造方法 patent, JP-2008030075-A: Clamping apparatus patent, JP-2008039919-A: 定着部材、定着装置、画像形成装置、及び画像形成方法 patent, JP-2008047725-A: Semiconductor device, electronic device and electronic apparatus patent, JP-2008054127-A: ゲートウェイ装置、データ集約装置、データ集約システム、データ送信方法、及びプログラム patent, JP-2008084971-A: Semiconductor chip laminate and manufacturing method thereof patent, JP-2008086846-A: Printing device patent, JP-2008110769-A: Spout excellent in liquid returning function patent, JP-2008127729-A: Method for mounting doctor blade of doctor device, method for cleaning blade insertion groove, and blade for cleaning patent, JP-2008158993-A: ストレージシステム patent, JP-2008175096-A: イグナイタ patent, JP-2008228343-A: Graphic data processing method patent, JP-2008260408-A: Vehicular cabin structure patent, JP-2008273750-A: Optical glass patent, JP-2008502469-A: 流体投与装置 patent, JP-2009010380-A: 金属絶縁体金属キャパシタの製造方法 patent, JP-2009026074-A: 情報処理装置、使用権譲渡システム、及びコンピュータプログラム patent, JP-2009056880-A: 子供乗せ装置及び二輪車 patent, JP-2009072696-A: Ejection abnormality detection apparatus, liquid droplet ejection apparatus, and display device production method patent, JP-2009074327-A: Reinforced floor material and method of manufacturing reinforced floor material patent, JP-2009074471-A: Fuel supply device for engine patent, JP-2009082316-A: Drum type washer-dryer patent, JP-2009084864-A: 落石防護兼雪崩予防施設 patent, JP-2009102883-A: アスファルト合材の製造方法 patent, JP-2001227636-A: Control device for continuously variable transmission patent, JP-2002069474-A: Rust preventive lubricating composition for plastic molding and molded article coated with it patent, JP-2002526407-A: フルボ酸、および種々の状態の処置におけるその使用 patent, JP-2004171941-A: Manufacturing method of light emitting device patent, JP-2004327215-A: Electro-optical device, substrate for electro-optical device, manufacturing method of electro-optical device, and electronic equipment patent, JP-2004353505-A: エンジンにおけるブリーザ装置 patent, JP-2004523697-A: 少なくとも2つのバルブを操作するための装置及び方法 patent, JP-2005200607-A: Surface protecting film for optical use patent, JP-2005206423-A: Manufacturing method of powdery and granular carbonized material patent, JP-2005315408-A: 動圧軸受装置 patent, JP-2006052767-A: Bearing with sensor incorporating rfid tag, and method for attaching rfid tag patent, JP-2006130169-A: Tile carpet patent, JP-2006223672-A: Nano-biodevice imitating biological tissue structure patent, JP-2006265357-A: Method for adhering elastic member with metal and power transmission device patent, JP-2006274139-A: Polyurethane resin and electrically conductive roll using the same patent, JP-2006300953-A: 超音波を利用した位置推定方法、位置推定システム及び受信装置 patent, JP-2006339048-A: バッテリの冷却構造 patent, JP-2007008589-A: Reclosable storing bag patent, JP-2007043490-A: Camera cradle apparatus and its system patent, JP-2007088165-A: Compound semiconductor substrate, manufacturing method thereof, and compound semiconductor device patent, JP-2007091048-A: Vehicle body structure for automobile patent, JP-2007178513-A: Lens driving apparatus and personal digital assistant patent, JP-2007233506-A: イメージセンサ及び識別装置及びその補正方法 patent, JP-2007287505-A: 鉛蓄電池格子用圧延シートの製造方法 patent, JP-2007294332-A: 燃料電池用電極触媒及び燃料電池 patent, JP-2007325918-A: アンダーヘアー形成用具 patent, JP-2007516668-A: ネットワーク装置のバックアップ patent, JP-2007536869-A: 通信システム、通信システム内で使用するための局、および通信システムの動作方法 patent, JP-2008038183-A: Ferritic stainless steel having excellent crevice corrosion resistance and excellent formability patent, JP-2008040870-A: Entry and exit management system patent, JP-2008102385-A: 一時駐輪整理券及びこれを用いた広告方法 patent, JP-2008114182-A: Pulse cleaning method and pulse cleaning apparatus patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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