Electro-optical device, substrate for electro-optical device, manufacturing method of electro-optical device, and electronic equipment



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To prevent the deterioration and teardown of a light-emitting element at the time of the pasting of substrates. SOLUTION: An EL substrate 300 comprises a base material 301 having transparency, a plurality of organic EL elements which have individual electrodes 303 and organic EL layers 313, respectively and have in common common electrodes 303 opposed to the individual electrodes 303 interposing the organic EL layers 313, an electrically insulating sealing layer 360 covering the organic EL elements, and connection terminals 340 provided opposed to the individual electrodes 303 interposing the sealing layer 360. On the other hand, the TFT substrate 200 comprises picture element driving circuits 250 for driving organic EL elements, respectively and drawing-out terminals 240 which are provided corresponding to the connectors 340 and connect the picture element driving circuits 250 and the organic EL elements. Then, the EL substrate 300 and the TFT substrate 200 are pasted using an anisotropic conductor 400 so that the connectors 340 and the drawing-out terminals 240 may be one to one and electrically connected. COPYRIGHT: (C)2005,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】基板貼り合わせ時における発光素子の劣化・破壊を防止する。 【解決手段】EL基板300は、透明性を有する基材301と、個別電極303と有機EL層313とを各々有すると共に、有機EL層313を挟んで個別電極303と対向する共通電極323を共通に有する複数の有機EL素子と、この有機EL素子を覆う電気絶縁性の封止層360と、封止層360を挟んで個別電極303と対向して設けられた接続端子340とを備える。一方、TFT基板200は、有機EL素子をそれぞれ駆動する画素駆動回路250と、接続端子340に対応して設けられ、画素駆動回路250と有機EL素子とを接続するための引出端子240とを備える。そして、EL基板300とTFT基板200とを、接続端子340および引出端子240同士が互いに一対一であって電気的に接続するように、異方性導電体400を用いて貼り合わせる。 【選択図】 図3




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