Apparatus for manufacturing glass gob, method for controlling the apparatus, glass gob, glass-molded article and method for manufacturing optical device



【課題】高品質かつ高重量精度のガラス塊を高い生産性のもとに製造する。 【解決手段】移送手段108の駆動を開始させる駆動信号1を送出し、これによって成形型をキャスト位置に移送させ、次いで、その駆動が完了したことを示す信号を受信し、該信号を受信したときに、成形型の昇降手段の駆動を開始させる駆動信号2を送出し、これにより成形型を上昇させて溶融ガラスの先端部を受け、その後成形型を下降させて一定重量の溶融ガラスを受け取る。次いで、前記駆動信号1の送出から予め定められた時間が経過したときに駆動信号1を送出し、これによってガラス塊を受けた成形型を移送させると共に空の成形型をキャスト位置へ移送する。 【選択図】 図1
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To manufacture glass gob having high quality and high precision in weight with high productivity. <P>SOLUTION: A driving signal 1 for starting the drive of a conveying means 108 is sent and hereby a molding die is conveyed to a casting position. When a signal showing that the drive of the conveying means is completed is received, a driving signal 2 for starting the drive of a molding die raising/lowering means is sent and hereby the molding die is raised to receive the tip of molten glass in the molding die and then the molding die is lowered to receive molten glass of fixed weight in the molding die. When a predetermined time passes after the driving signal 1 is sent, the driving signal 1 is sent again and hereby the glass gob-received molding die is conveyed and an empty molding die is conveyed to the casting position. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2007,JPO&INPIT




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