Reinforced floor material and method of manufacturing reinforced floor material



【課題】 優れた防湿性を維持しつつ、キャスターの使用等に対しても充分な耐傷性と強度を発揮することが出来るとともに、紙間剥離や化粧単板のせん断破壊が生じ難い強化床材を提供する。 【解決手段】 木質基材1の表層部を形成する木質繊維板1aの表面に、耐熱性及び防湿性を有する樹脂シートを芯材として、この上下面に上側紙層と下側紙層を接着剤により積層一体化させた防湿シート状物2を熱硬化性樹脂接着剤4bを介して積層接着していると共に、この防湿シート状物2の表面に、弾性を有する熱硬化性樹脂接着剤4aを介して化粧突板3を積層接着してなり、ワゴン等のキャスターによる荷重がかかっても、紙間剥離や化粧突板3内でのせん断破壊等が発生しない。 【選択図】 図2
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a reinforced floor material which maintains excellent moisture-proof properties, exerts sufficient scratch resistance and strength against pressure caused by use etc. of casters, and is proof against interlaminar separation or shear fracture of a decorative veneer. <P>SOLUTION: According to the arrangement of the reinforced floor material, a moisture-proof sheet material 2 which is obtained by laminating upper and lower paper layers on upper and lower surfaces of a resin sheet having imparted thereto heat resistance and moisture proof properties as a core, in one body by an adhesive, is laminated on and bonded to a front surface of a woody fiber plate 1a forming a front layer of a woody substrate 1, via a thermosetting resin adhesive 4b. Then a decorative sliced veneer 3 is laminated on and bonded to a front surface of the moisture-proof sheet material 2 via a thermosetting resin adhesive 4a having elasticity imparted thereto. Thus even if the floor material undergoes application of a load caused by the casters of a wagon or the like, it is free from interlaminar separation or shear fracture in the decorative sliced veneer 3. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2009,JPO&INPIT




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