Vehicle undercover and method for manufacturing the same



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reduce ice peeling force and improve chipping resistance while enhancing the road surface side sound absorption performance to improve the noise reduction effect.SOLUTION: An undercover 10 for a vehicle provided so as to cover a lower surface of a vehicle floor includes: core material 11 molded on heating so as to expand along the lower surface of the floor; and nonwoven fabric 13 laminated on the road surface side of the core material 11 and integrally molded with the core material 11. The nonwoven fabric 13 includes melt fibers that fuse at a heating temperature for the core material 11, as constituent fibers.
【課題】路面側の吸音性能を高めて騒音低減効果を向上させるとともに、着氷剥離力を低くし、しかも、耐チッピング性を高める。 【解決手段】車両のフロア下面を覆うように設けられる車両用アンダーカバー10は、フロア下面に沿うように加熱成形された芯材11と、芯材11の路面側に積層され、芯材11と一体成形された不織布13とを備えている。不織布13は、芯材11の加熱温度で溶融するメルト繊維を構成繊維として含んでいる。 【選択図】図2




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