Lifting device for lifting table in stacker crane



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a lifting device for a lifting table in a stacker crane, in which structure for attaching support frames to a support is simplified and furthermore, work to connect the support frames to the support is facilitated.SOLUTION: The lifting table is guided to be freely lifted by the support 10 erected on a lower frame body including traveling wheels freely traveling along traveling rails. Wire-like bodies for supporting the lifting table in a suspended state are provided while the wire-like bodies are wound on guide bodies Q attached on the upper end portions of the support 10 and extend downward. Wire-like body driving units are provided for moving the part of the wire-like bodies which are wound on the guide bodies Q and extend downward, in the longitudinal direction. A locking part S for locking the upper end face of the support 10 is provided on each support frame R which freely rotatably supports the guide body Q and also which is bolt-connected to a sidewall part of the support 10.
【課題】支持枠を支柱に取付ける構造の簡素化を図りしかも支持枠を支柱に連結する作業の容易化を図ることができるスタッカークレーンにおける昇降台昇降装置を提供する。 【解決手段】走行レールに沿って走行自在な走行輪を備えた下部枠体から立設される支柱10にて、昇降台が昇降自在に案内され、昇降台を吊下げ支持する索状体が、支柱10の上端部に取付けた案内体Qに巻回されて下方に向けて伸びる状態で設けられ、索状体における案内体Qに巻回されて下方に向けて伸びる部分をその長手方向に移動操作する索状体駆動手段が設けられ、案内体Qを回転自在に支持し且つ支柱10の側壁部にボルト連結される支持枠Rに、支柱10の上端面を係止する係止部Sが設けられている。 【選択図】図16




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