Greening surface forming member



【課題】工場での生産が可能で現地での据え付けが簡単迅速に行え、風などを受けても不安定な挙動を生じにくい緑化面形成部材を提供する。 【解決手段】緑化面形成部材1は、支持体11と、この支持体の表面に固定された通水性を有する支持層12と、この支持層12から水を受け取って保持する保水層13と、この保水層13の水を裏面側から受け取って表面側の根張り領域(土3が入れられている領域)に導く導水層14と、この導水層14の表面側を覆うとともに縫い合わせによる区画領域を有する表面層15と、上記根張り領域に通じる、上記表面層15に形成された切れ目部16とを備える。 【選択図】図2
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a greening surface forming member that can be manufactured in a factory, can perform its installation on-site easily and rapidly, and hardly generates unstable behavior even when receiving wind or the like.SOLUTION: The greening surface forming member 1 includes: a support 11; a support layer 12 fixed on a surface of the support body and having water permeability; a water retaining layer 13 receiving water from the support layer 12 and retaining it; a water guiding layer 14 receiving the water in the water retaining layer 13 from the back surface side and guiding the water to a root spreading region (a region where soil 3 is put); a surface layer 15 covering the surface side of the water guiding layer 14 and having a divided region obtained by sewing up; and a cut part 16 leading to the root spreading region and formed on the surface layer 15.




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