Method for manufacturing membrane electrode assembly, membrane electrode assembly, and fuel cell



【課題】発電性能が高く、短絡が起こり難い燃料電池を提供する。 【解決手段】膜電極接合体の製造方法であって、(a)第1の補強膜で補強され、触媒金属を担持したカーボンナノチューブ層を含む第1の膜を形成する工程と、(b)第2の補強膜で補強され、電解質樹脂又は電解質前駆体樹脂で形成された電解質層を含む第2の膜を形成する工程と、(c)前記第1の膜の前記第1の補強膜と、前記第2の膜の前記電解質層とを接した状態で前記第1と第2の膜をホットプレスすることによって、前記第1と第2の膜を接合する工程と、を備える。 【選択図】図8
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a fuel cell which has high power generation performance and is less likely to cause a short circuit.SOLUTION: A method for manufacturing a membrane electrode assembly comprises the steps of: (a) forming a first membrane reinforced by a first reinforcing membrane and including a carbon nanotube layer carrying a catalyst metal; (b) forming a second membrane reinforced by a second reinforcing membrane and including an electrolyte layer formed of an electrolyte resin or an electrolyte precursor resin; (c) and bonding the first membrane and the second membrane by hot-pressing them with the first reinforcing membrane of the first membrane being in contact with the electrolyte layer of the second membrane.




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