Lamp fixture dedicated to led lamp



【課題】 LEDランプ筐体形状に影響されずにLEDランプを装着することができ、白熱電球を誤って取り付けても点灯させず、あるいは即座に消灯させ、過熱による破損を防ぐ機能を有するLED専用灯具を提供する。 【解決手段】 LEDランプが取り付けられる灯具において、所定温度を超えると、電流を遮断する、正の温度係数を有する自己復帰型の電流遮断素子が、前記灯具に熱的に接合するように配置され、白熱電球を誤装着し点灯させても、白熱電球のフィラメントで発生する熱を感知して、前記電流遮断素子が作動し、白熱電球を消灯させる。 【選択図】図3
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a lamp fixture dedicated to LEDs capable of installing an LED lamp without being affected by the case shape of the LED lamp and having a function of preventing breakage due to overheat without lighting, or immediately turning off, an incandescent lamp even if it is installed by mistake.SOLUTION: As for a lamp fixture having an LED lamp installed, a current interruption element of self-recovery type having a positive temperature coefficient for cutting off electric current when a predetermined temperature is exceeded is arranged so as to be thermally jointed to the lamp fixture. Even if an incandescent lamp is erroneously installed and lit, it senses the heat generated by the filament of the incandescent lamp and the current interruption element is operated to turn off the incandescent lamp.




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