Secondary battery monitoring device



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a secondary battery monitoring device capable of improving the accuracy of an integrated value of a charge/discharge current flowing from a secondary battery.SOLUTION: A secondary battery monitoring device 10 for detecting a charge/discharge current of a secondary battery 1 and calculating the charging rate of the secondary battery 1 by determining an integrated value of the charge/discharge current by using a computing unit 17 comprises: an amplifier 15 for amplifying an analog signal of the detected current; an A/D converter 16 for converting an analog signal into a digital signal to supply the signal to the computing unit 17; and a trigger circuit 18 in which the analog signal of the detected current is set as input, with quicker responsiveness than that of the A/D converter 16. A plurality of power operation modes of the secondary battery monitoring device 10 corresponding to the current of the secondary battery 1 are switched on the basis of the level of the input, by a signal outputted from the trigger circuit 18.
【課題】二次電池から流れる充放電電流の積算値を精度向上させることができる二次電池監視装置を提供すること。 【解決手段】二次電池1の充放電電流を検出し、演算器17により充放電電流の積算値を求めて二次電池1の充電率を算出する二次電池監視装置10において、検出した電流のアナログ信号を増幅する増幅器15と、アナログ信号をデジタル信号に変換して演算器17に供給するA/D変換器16と、検出した電流のアナログ信号を入力とし、A/D変換器16よりも速い応答性を有するトリガ回路18を備え、トリガ回路18から出力した信号により、入力のレベルに基づいて二次電池1の電流に応じた二次電池監視装置10の複数の電力動作モードを切替えるようにした。 【選択図】図1




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