Reformer support structure and fuel cell module



【課題】改質器を安定して支持することのできる改質器支持構造、及びこのような改質器支持構造を備えた燃料電池モジュールを提供する。 【解決手段】 セルスタック9及びセルスタック9の上方に配置された改質器5を含む燃料電池本体3と、該燃料電池本体3を収容する容器2とを備える燃料電池モジュール1における前記改質器の支持構造は、第1係合部61dを有し容器2に取り付けられた第1部材61と、第2係合部62dを有し改質器5に取り付けられた第2部材62とを備える。第2係合部62dが第1係合部61dと係合することで改質器5が容器2に支持され、第1係合部61dと第2係合部62dの係合箇所6aが改質器5の底部よりも上方に設けられ且つ第2係合部62dが第1係合部上を、改質器5の熱膨張方向に摺動可能である。 【選択図】 図2
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a reformer support structure that stably supports a reformer, and to provide a fuel cell module having the reformer support structure.SOLUTION: A fuel cell module 1 includes: a fuel cell main body 3 that has a cell stack 9 and a reformer 5 arranged above the cell stack 9; and a container 2 that houses the fuel cell main body 3. A support structure for the reformer 5 in the fuel cell module 1 has: a first member 61 that has a first engagement portion 61d and is mounted on the container 2; and a second member 62 that has a second engagement portion 62d and is mounted on the reformer 5. Engagement of the second engagement portion 62d with the first engagement portion 61d allows the reformer 5 to be supported by the container 2. An engagement section 6a between the first engagement portion 61d and the second engagement portion 62d is provided above a bottom portion of the reformer 5. The second engagement portion 62d is slidable on the first engagement portion 61d in a direction of thermal expansion of the reformer 5.




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