Discrimination device and discrimination method for target object, electrical resistivity measuring device and electrical resistivity measuring method, component content estimation device and component content estimation method, and plate thickness estimation device and plate thickness estimation method



【課題】非接触かつ非破壊で、被検知物との距離に大きな影響を受けず、被検知物を判別することができる判別装置又は判別方法を提供する。また、比誘電率が1に近い被検知物では、非破壊で、被検知物との距離に大きな影響を受けず、被検知物の電気抵抗を測定する装置又は方法を提供する。 【解決手段】並列に接続された共振コイル11とコンデンサー12とを有する共振回路10と、共振回路10に抵抗24を介して高周波信号を供給する高周波発生部21と、共振コイル11に発生する信号の位相差と振幅とを検出する検出部20と、検出部20により検出した位相差と振幅から共振コイル11の近傍に被検知物が存在しない状態から被検知物を接近させた時の位相変化量と振幅変化量との比から被検知物の組成又は組織の違いを判別するデータ処理部30とを備えている。 【選択図】図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a device or a method for discriminating a target object in a non-contact and non-destruction fashion and with little influence from the distance to the target object, and a device or a method for measuring the electric resistance of a target object having a dielectric constant close to 1 in a non-contact, non-destruction fashion and with little influence from the distance to the target object.SOLUTION: The discrimination device includes: a resonance circuit 10 having a resonance coil 11 and a capacitor 12 connected in parallel; a high frequency generating unit 21 for supplying a high frequency signal to the resonance circuit 10 through a resistance 24; a detection unit 20 for detecting the phase difference and amplitude of a signal generated at the resonance coil 11; and a data processing unit 30 for discriminating the difference in a composition or tissue of the target object based on a ratio between an amount of phase variation and an amount of amplitude variation when the target object is brought close to the resonance coil 11 from a state where the target object is not present in the vicinity of the resonance coil 11 from the phase difference and the amplitude detected by the detection unit 20.




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